Recommended Reading

My pal Richard Weber has a new book out. I told him that since I fear Amazon more than the NSA I wouldn’t expose my friends’ e-mail addresses to its evil web, but I would blog a plug for his book to my quarter-dozens of readers here. So listen up to a few words from Richard.

Ola! Salut! Greetings!

Here’s the amazon url to my latest novel – IN FLAMES:

From Random House Alibi.

You can now pre-order for yourselves & gift pre-order for as many people as you wish – 100’s & 100’s, I trust. You only have to supply e-mail addresses, and on Feb 3, 2015, each will receive a notice from amazon with a code allowing them to download IN FLAMES (as your gift) to whatever device they have, including computers, (where needed, also a free amazon app enabling this).

And all this for the new low, low, specially discounted price of $4.34 per gift – including for yourselves – if you pre-order now! Shipping free to anywhere in the world! Forget giftwrapping, it’s electronic magic! Such a deal.

Also, pre-ordering now helps me considerably, so muchas gracias, mille fois merci à tous.

Go well.