I just finished…

A medical “incident” (that’s the professionals’ term for it) and a crashed computer, whose replacement I am still being driven semi-batty by, have slowed me down; but let’s try to resume. Now where was I?

Oh yes, my readings. Well, while I’ve been away, I’ve completed Howard Sachar’s “A History of Israel,” which is excellent, but may contain more than you need to know — and my edition ended with the assassination of Yitzkak Rabin; Mark Kram’s “Ghosts of Manilla,” a few-warts-overlooked view of Frazier-and-Ali, written in a highly personal, slightly over-the-edge, but extremely effective style; and Lydia Davis’s “Complete Stories” (except there has been one collection since), which was wonderfully instructive as to what can be a story, or essay, or, even, blog.

I stand ready to discuss all or any.