A Boy’s Life


My latest piece is available at the above site. It begins:

By the time Goshkin had heard of – and offered to write about – the memoir of the French graphic artist Riad Sattouf, “The Arab of the Future,” four volumes had appeared in English (Henry Holt. 2015, 2016, 2018, 2019). It had been reviewed extensively. Sattouf had been interviewed by “The Guardian,” profiled in “The New Yorker,” and had established himself, not only as a cartoonist of the first-rank, but a director of award-winning feature films. What, Goshkin wondered, might he add? Besides, while this quartet took Sattouf from 1980, when he was two, through 1992, when he was 14, two subsequent volumes, available in languages which Goshkin neither spoke nor read, covered the rest of Sattouf’s adolescence. Goshkin felt as if, just when Ahab had spotted Moby Dick, his publisher’d decided it’d had enough of Melville.