I I just finished…

…”The Sightseer’s Complement” (Lord Cadieux, ed. Rotland Press,) purportedly Number One in a series of “excursions into filth and absurdity.” A “pleasure reader” tipping its hat to Olympia Press’s Travelers Companion books of the 1950s and ’60s, contributors include Tristram Tappertith, Alfred Prue, Fatty Jubbo, Pearl S. Fuck, Agatha Tarbox, and Dr. Nelson Leathercherry. Works, both prose and picture, bear titles like “The Dreadful Apotheosis of the Frothing Charger,” “Do I Like Assholes,” “The Passionate Soiling pf Petra Peter Putridapolis,” and “Blow Job.”

Tongues-in-cheek abound. Winks flutter. Desire and erections are doubtful.

The book is a gem. Trim, tidy (4″x6″ — or so — 40 pp.), well-conceived, exquisitely executed. Ironic and appreciative, twisted and fun. (A perfect gift for the proper connoisseur.) Pornography as art — why not? If, as Kenneth Tynan has noted, it is honor-worthy to stimulate the eye or oar, what do we have against the pelvis?