Marketing: Week 16

Sold two “Cheesesteak”s. One went to a previous purchaser, a friend of friends (see: Week 14), who bought one for a friend of his who’d never left Philly, like we did. The other went to a lawyer who’d had an office in my former building. I ran into him in from of the BofA on Shattuck. “Still writing?” he said.

But before that I’d been scoreless for 12 days, so I’d decided to expand my marketing. I tried to get my book listed at Amazon, but that proved too daunting. I’d thought it would order copies to sell from its warehouse, but it seemed to want me to pay it as a platform to sell from. (Can this be right?) I must investigate further.

Meanwhile I put myself on Facebook. This wasn’t easy either. Adele had joined so we could see some wedding pictures and never used it again, but since we share an e-mail address, I couldn’t register too. I changed her name to “Levin Adele Bob” and began recruiting Friends. Then the invaluable Milo advised I could register “Bob Levin” under this separate Gmail address I had for some reason, so I did that. Only I can’t get all my previously signed up Friends to switch over, plus I can’t give Adele her name back for a couple months, so some kinks remain.