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My latest is up at “The Broad Street Review.” It begins

Building a brand. God, I hate that phrase. Makes one sound like a Kraft cheese. But, as Truman Capote said, “A boy’s got to pimp his book.” Or something like that.

Recently Little Free Libraries have been popping up around town. They look like duplex
birdhouses on posts, planted on people’s lawns, fronting their sidewalks. The idea is, Someone puts a book in; someone takes a book out.
Cool! I thought. I will put a book in. And not just any book, but a pristine, mint-condition The Best Ride to New York, about which, in 1978, the Sunday Times admiringly said, “What is one to say about Bob Levin’s…”; and, only two dozen years later, the Daily News lamented its being “lost… (and) forgotten.”

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