Thank You

The responses I’ve received to the announcement of this launching have been deeply gratifying. I only didn’t recognize one person (she’d changed her name) and no one claimed ignorance of me. All the pockets of my life I drew from were instructive and interesting. There were two guys I knew from my neighborhood, and people from high school and college and VISTA and my law career (but no clients) and guys I played basketball with but no one from law school (I only wrote two and one came back “Undeliverable”) or the cafe I go to every morning (but maybe someone will say something when i walk in) and only one (of seven) relatives.) One fellow sent me notice of his new book and a neighbor, who writes children’s books, offered to link to my site at her’s, which is sweet, though I wonder how our audiences will overlap. Two of you suggested site refinements that are being looked into and my guru, the novle Milo, and I are open to more.
So it’s been fun and educational. What more can you ask of 24 hours?