Whodunnit xii: Progress report

I realize yesterday’s blog wasn’t up to my accustomed standards. I should have stuck those guys into the one before, but I had missed them. (I’m nowhere near finishing Bugliosi’s book, and while I try to use his index as a guide to responses to arguments, I miss some stuff. I’ll try to do better.
Anyway, I understand my sister-in-law and niece have joined my brother-in-law, my pals Budd and Milo (I think), and hoards of unknown others as regular readers. Welcome, aboard. And Adele told me our friend Marilyn has offered to drop by a book by her friend Joe McBride, which proves Johnson did it. I nearly fell off the toilet, laughing; but I said, “Sure!”
Anyway, so it doesn’t take me 20 years, which is how long Bugliosi spent, I’m going to discuss only a few of the conspiracists’ points. Unless it strikes me as particularly thought provoking, amusing, or gorge-raising, I’ll stick to those all (or maybe a majority) of my selected experts set forth.
I’ll begin with a no-brainer tomorrow.