Readers Respond

This week, unsurprisingly, Aaron Lange’s collection of X-rated, anti-Trump illustrations, to which I contributed an Afterword, has been drawing most of the attention. Here is a sampling:

1. The small businessman (approvingly): “Pure filth.”

2. The mathematician: “How much?”
“Oh my God.”

3. Then there was the former high school teacher to whom I’d given a copy. (I did this because he had once given me a copy of a book by his brother, whose conferences attended in Belgrade and lectures delivered on cruise ships he never fails to keep me apprised of, and because I did not want to give him a copy of one of my own books. He could buy them.) Anyway, his reaction was to gratefully accept it and to immediately begin talking about Dr. Strange.
“That has nothing to do with this,” I said.
He apologized and began telling me about an anti-Trump cartoon his brother had sent him.
“These are better,” I said, and left.