Adele and Bob: Together Again

A major new piece by Adele (or as she is also known to readers of my comic-related writing, “Ruth Delhi”), entitled “Roger and Me,” concerning her relationship with Mr. Federer, the only man, she writes, she’d leave me for, and a minor one by me has gone on line, along with other articles of merit, at The full announcement begins thus:

New Posts at

Read protests (against racist atrocity in Israel and “industrial” medicine in America), fans’ notes (on the World Cup, “fierce and athletic girls,” Roger Federer, LeBron James, Zinedine Zidane and Al Green), a critique of Buzz, musings on modern romance and post-heart-attack style at


The above-titled piece, co-written with my wife, the fabulous Adele, is up at

Gordie, Adele’s brother, an AmCiv professor at Amherst and a lovely man, began his weekly call by dolefully announcing that his wife’s closest friend’s divorced daughter’s significant other had been murdered – perhaps by his ex-wife. I received this bulletin by speaker phone and Adele’s responsive “That’s awful!” direct. We had met the friend once, and I had exchanged e-mails with the daughter seven or eight years ago. We had not known that she had married or divorced or that the significant other existed.